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Rime IV


Do not say that, treasure depleted,
subjects lacking, the lyre sits silently:
There may not be poets, but always
there will be poetry.

While waves quiver excitedly
at the kiss of light;
while the sun paints shameless clouds
in fire and gold;

while the air holds in its lap
perfumes and harmony;
while in the world there is spring,
there will be poetry!

While the discoveries of science do not reach
the sources of life,
and the sea or the sky holds an abyss
that resists calculation;

while ever-advancing humanity
still doesn't know where it's going;
while there is a mystery left for man,
there will be poetry!

While we feel joy in the soul
without our lips smiling;
while we mourn without tears
clouding our eyes;

while the heart and the head
battle continually;
while there are hopes and memories,
there will be poetry!

While there are eyes that reflect
the eyes that gaze into them;
while lips respond sighing
to lips that sigh;

while two souls in a kiss
can mix confusedly;
while one beautiful woman exists,
there will be poetry!


Gustavo A. Bécquer

This poem has been translated from Spanish. This is the original version: Link