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Her birthday


To this awaiting world
for the first time she opened the eyes,
getting the light warm welcome.
To her tears falling down
watchful her mother,
only attentions around,
a rain of caresses and cuddles.

Since then, along the life path
the time spiral was trapping her.
Today it's her birthday again.
An infinity of remote memories
illusions in her mind draws,
where the years are hidden?
she asks, where they have gone?

She wants to restore to her eyes
the innocent glance of the child,
she wants with the waves to play
without fearing the beat of the sea.
To fill up with colors the dreams,
embrace the pillow with a smile,
listen to a tale and believe.

In the path she forgot the childhood
and thought the hope lost forever.
But then two little eyes stared at her
and suddenly the life revealed.
Her hearth was glowing a beautiful flame!
The light fondles newly her face
and now blessed she feels.
Today it's her birthday again!


© 2005 Silvia Martínez Sánchez


This poem has been translated from Spanish. This is the original version: Link (versión original en español).