Discover Firefox and Thunderbird


Most of internet users have Internet Explorer as their default browser just for a reason: it comes already included in Windows. But out there you can find many other browsers able to do the same as Internet Explorer and even more. My favourite one is Firefox. Why do I like it? Mainly because it has many interesting features:

- You can open links in new tabs instead of in new windows. Your desktop look much more organised.

- It's an open source program, so it's completely free and any person can contribute to its development.

- Its faster and safer than Internet Explorer.

- It's available for different operating systems: Windows, Macintosh and Linux.

- It has a wonderful integrated search box at the top-right corner of each browser window, where you can use google, yahoo or any other search tool, even Wikipedia.

- You can adapt the program to your needs by customising its appearence (themes) or by installing what they call extensions or addons: little program additions that allow you to extend the features of the browser. For instance, there is an extension to show the weather forecast, to synchronise your bookmarks, for ftp, for spellchecking... They are organised by categories: link

In the Mozilla website you can read more about the features of Firefox (link) and also download it here in your own language. And I suggest you also to read here and here two interesting reviews about the advantages of Firefox 2 over Internet Explorer 7.


Moreover, if you try Firefox and like it, I suggest you to try also the email program Thunderbird, that is the Mozilla partner of Firefox. It has also great features like message tagging, a convenient junk filter, message templates, and a lot of additions and themes as well (link). And it has the easiest way to export your emails to another computer, or for backup: copy the Thunderbird folder located in the Documents & Settings folder to the same folder in the other computer (it even works across platforms). You can download it in your language here.

                                                                                                                   Silvia Martínez