Sage: an RSS reader for Firefox


RSS allows you to receive news and information updates of any website in an easy way, saving you time. Why do I find this useful? Well, I read everyday newspapers from all over the world and it would be too slow if I hadn't had the RSS files available. Thanks to this feature, I can check the titles of all the news in these newspapers, and just click on those who look interesting to read them. It definitely saves me a lot of time.

If you don't still have any RSS reader, I recommend you a simple RSS extension for the Firefox browser that I use everyday: Sage.


# Install Firefox if you don't still have it. Download and install the file corresponding to your language and computer operating system.
# Click here and install the Sage extension by clicking on Install now. A little box will show up, wait a few seconds until the button Install now becomes active and then click on it. The extension will be automatically installed. (Don't you think that it's incredibly easy to install extensions in Firefox?)
# Restart Firefox (closing it and opening it again)
# Go to View > Toolbars > Customise.... A new window will open showing you several icons:


# Scroll down until you see the Sage icon: sage, that looks like a tree leaf, or in some newer version it shows up as the symbol:sage. Drag it (left-click on it and drag it) into the navigation bar and click on the Done button, so the toolbar will look now like this:


# When you click on this leaf button you can show the RSS sidebar:


You can hide it by clicking on the leaf button again.

Understanding the extension:

Click on the leaf icon to show the RSS sidebar. At first you only have one or two feeds, that came already included in the extension. Atop of the list feeds you see three buttons:

sage: to check if there is new content available in the feeds you have. When new content is available, a red asterisk shows up next to the title feed.
sage: to discover RSS feeds in the page you're currently visiting.
sage: to change some options in the sidebar. Click on it and choose Settings.... A new window will show up:


Make sure that you have selected Sage Feeds in the Select Feed Folder. This is the folder where the feeds will be saved. You have some other options there that you can explore, and then click the Ok button to close this window.

Adding feeds from the websites:

There are two different ways to add an RSS feed into Sage:

# When you see this icon sage next to the URL (internet address) of a website it means that you have available the RSS feed for this site. Click on it, select the RSS feeds folder, change the name if you like and click on the Add button. The title will then show up in the RSS sidebar and when you click on it you'll see the last news posted in that website.

# Other times you can see one of these icons: sage. When you click on it a new page will open. Place the mouse over the little icon at the left of the http address and drag it into the RSS sidebar. The feed will be added.

If you have never taken advantage of the RSS feeds please try it and you'll soon get used to it. Besides reading the news everyday, I also check my groups in internet through this extension.


                                                                                                                   Silvia Martínez