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Tomorrow I will walk across the desert
that kept myself away from the sea,
feeling in my barefoot feet
from the sand the warm embrace.
I will raise my eyes to the sky,
forgiveness then will guide my way
and with love will shelter my hope.

when the silence that stun my ears
memories will discover inside the soul;
but not those which clouded my senses,
not those... they should just leave!
I want the sincere smiles to come back,
the dawns, the clear nights...

Tomorrow I will run,
the wind won't reach me
and will hunt me up to the beach.
Under golden tears of sadness
I will open my old umbrella,
and then will lean out to the life
with peacefulness in my heart.


© 2007 Silvia Martínez Sánchez


This poem has been translated from Spanish. This is the original version: Link