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In August 2006 I visited Alicante, a land located on the Spanish East coast. People who visit this area usually go to the most touristy spot: Benidorm, full of beaches and pubs. But Alicante has many other interesting places, less crowded and worthy to be visited. For instance, the little villages along the coast, like Altea, are lovely. Hilly and narrow alleyways paved with cobblestones, white houses looking to the world through old balconies, the sun playing at dawn on the surface of the peaceful Mediterranean sea...

There are breathtaking mountains where the wind whispers at your ear. Atop of them you can go back in time, feeling the history excavated on the rocks, witness of invasions and recaptures. There you can come across a cleft running through a rocky mountain and arrive to Guadalest, an old fortress built by the Moors over 1200 years ago. It can be only accessed through a tunnel carved through 50 feet of solid rock and its views over the valley are spectacular. You can read more about Alicante in my "Alicante lens": Link

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