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Below you can find some photos that I've taken in Asturias, the region where I come from. It’s a jewel hidden behind the Picos de Europa mountains, on the North coast of Spain. A land with celtic roots, called "natural paradise" by the Spaniards because nature shines in every corner: mountains, clean rivers & lakes, nice sandy beaches close to meadows, little charming villages on the coast… It’s for sure not the typical sunny Spain that most tourists are expecting when they arrive. The climate is mild, not too cold in winter and not too hot in summer. There’s much rain, and thanks to it the land is so green and the air so fresh. There you can practise lots of sports: surfing, hiking, paragliding, canoeing, skiing, swimming in the clean rivers or in the Cantabric sea…or simply enjoy the peace that only nature can give you.

Asturias was the only region in Spain that couldn’t be invaded during the islamic conquest in the 8th century, and has conserved pretty well its celtic roots. We have our own dialect (named bable) and many of the ancient traditions are still kept: traditional dances, handicraft, customs and musical instruments like the gaita (bagpipe).