Words have a strong power to convey feelings or ideas. Sometimes a word or a sentence helps us to understand a situation, or teachs us something important or just simply it's beautiful and we like reading it or writing it. In this section you'll find the proverbs, sentences and short stories that I like most. Besides, as words are the tools of poets, I've also included here poems and links to my favourite poetry places. My poems are part of a registered work entitled "Palabras del alma" (nº 05/2007/439, Intellectual Property Registry in Asturias-Spain).



Poems and short stories:

button I wish you enough! (Bob Perks)

button Rules for life (Anonymous)

button Rhyme IV (G. A. Bécquer)

button Dreaming down roadways (Machado)


My poems:

button She knows

button I see you

button Tomorrow

button Flowing



button Taoist proverbs

button Chinese proverbs

button Other proverbs


Literature links: [links open in a new window]

button World sonnets

button European Reader

button Spanish poems

button Sullivan's short stories